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CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 4


Click here to activate CoPilot.

  1. How do I activate my CoPilot Live | Pocket PC4 software?
  2. My Pocket PC lost power and Hard Reset. What do I need to do to reactivate CoPilot Live?
  3. I want to put CoPilot Live | Pocket PC4 on a different Pocket PC.
  4. When I try to open CoPilot Live on my Pocket PC, I get a message that's say's "License Record Not Found"


  1. During the desktop installation of CoPilot I receive this error "Error -1607: Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting Runtime".


  1. How do I create a connection between my Bluetooth GPS receiver and my Bluetooth Manager?
  2. How do I get CoPilot to recognize my Bluetooth GPS receiver?
  3. How do I use the power Y-split cable with my Pocket PC and Bluetooth GPS?
  4. How do I charge the Bluetooth GPS?
  5. If I turn off my h1940 or h2200 series iPAQ device while CoPilot is still running with the Bluetooth GPS receiver, the iPAQ cannot be turned back on without soft resetting the iPAQ.
  6. What do each of the three LED lights indicate and what are the proper charging techniques for the Bluetooth GPS receiver?

Data Download Wizard

  1. The Data Download Wizard does not recognize the available memory on my storage card correctly. How can I fix this?
  2. What is the "QuickStart" option in the Data Download Wizard?
  3. I'm using Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7.1 and CoPilot does not recognize the Pocket PC is connected when attempting to download data. What is wrong?

General Problems

  1. How do I edit or delete the favorites on my Pocket PC?
  2. How can I download my favorites from my Desktop to my Pocket PC?
  3. I use a proxy server and am having trouble connecting my desktop computer using Live functionality.
  4. Is CoPilot Live | Pocket PC4 compatible with the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system?
  5. When using my iPaq 2200 series Pocket PC a Bluetooth Manager window keeps popping up. How can I stop this?


  1. When I open CoPilot Live | Pocket PC4 it says "Welcome to CoPilot Live," but won't speak to me after that.
  2. How can I change the voice from Female to Male or from Male to Female?
  3. CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 4 does not speak. What can be wrong?

GPS Receiver and Tracking

  1. What GPS receivers are compatible with CoPilot Live | Pocket PC4?
  2. How do I configure my GPS receiver to work with CoPilot Live?
  3. When connecting my CF GPS to my Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC I get the following message "No GPS signal, Please check connections". How can I fix this?
  4. When using my Navman GPS receiver with CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 4 I get a message saying "No GPS signal detected." How can I get my Navman GPS to work?


  1. When I try to import custom places from Microsoft Outlook, the option is greyed out , and I can only choose "import from an existing file".