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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

1. How do I create a connection between my Bluetooth GPS receiver and my Bluetooth Manager?

1. Turn on the Bluetooth GPS by flipping the switch from '0' to '1'. Make sure it's charging or that the battery is already charged. If the green and blue lights turn on this means the GPS receiver has power.
2. Turn on Bluetooth Manager on your Pocket PC by tapping on Start> Settings> System> Bluetooth> Turn on. You may need to perform a Soft Reset to your Pocket PC.
3. Open the Bluetooth Manager. Start> Settings> System> Bluetooth> Bluetooth Manager.
4. In the Bluetooth Manager, tap New> Connect.
5. Tap "Explore a Bluetooth device" and tap 'Next'.
6. Tap "No Device Selected". It should then start searching for all nearby Bluetooth devices. Again, make sure your BLUETOOTH GPS receiver is turned on.
7. "BTGPS 15700E" should show up in the Bluetooth browser. Tap this entry.
8. In the "Service Selection box", tap "Serial Port" to highlight it. You don't need to tap "Use a secure, encrypted connection".
9. Tap 'Next'.
10. Tap 'Finish'.
11. You should now be in the "Bluetooth My Shortcuts" window.
12. Tap and hold on BTGPS.
13. Tap "Connect" from the menu options. You should see small green arrows on the icon now.
14. Now that this is done you should never have to search for the device again, unless you hard reset. As long as the GPS and your Pocket PC's Bluetooth is on they will automatically communicate with one another.