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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

2. How do I get CoPilot to recognize my Bluetooth GPS receiver?

1. First, make sure you have a Bluetooth connection set up between your Bluetooth GPS and your Pocket PC. See the FAQ number 1 under Bluetooth for instructions if needed.
2. Open CoPilot Live on your Pocket PC.
3. Tap on the blue background to display the menu and toolbar.
4. Go to Tools> Options> GPS tab.
5. Tap "Auto Scan". When you see the COM Port stop it means you have a connection.
6. If the Bluetooth Manager pops up, tap 'BTGPS' and tap OK.
7. Tap "OK" to return to the main screen.
8. You know you're connected when you see small dots scrolling at the bottom left of the main screen and it says, "Determining Current Position.". You won't have to go through this process again unless you hard reset your device. Be aware that there is sometimes a short delay for the time it takes for the BLUETOOTH GPS to talk to the Bluetooth Manager.