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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

1. When I open CoPilot Live | Pocket PC4 it says "Welcome to CoPilot Live," but won't speak to me after that.

If CoPilot Live is not speaking instructions, confirm that the Pocket PC volume is turned on and is set to maximum volume. If this does not address the problem, confirm that you have the necessary "Program" memory available:

1. On your Pocket PC, Tap on Start > Settings
2. Tap on the System Tab
3. Tap on the Memory icon - this will provide you with a split screen with storage on the left and program on the right and the available memory for each at the bottom of the screen

If you have less than 12M of FREE memory under "Program", perform a soft reset (to close running programs) or uninstall unnecessary programs/files.

If you have more than 12M of Free "Program" memory available and speech still does not work, uninstall the CoPilot Live and Pocket Speech applications and reinstall them to your Storage Card: To install to your storage card, select "No" when prompted whether to install Pocket Speech and other applications to the default location. Select your storage card from the drop-down list and continue the installation.