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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 4

Your GPS tracks are invaluable to us for realigning the street network and adding in new streets. We've automated the process to make it as easy as possible for you - it will only take a minute.

Directions for using a personal account (i.e.. AOL.)

  1. Connect your Pocket PC to your computer via ActiveSync. Make sure a connection is established.
  2. Open ActiveSync and click on Explore.
  3. Double click on the My Pocket PC icon.
  4. Go to the memory module where you downloaded your CoPilot data to. (i.e. device memory, CF card, SD card, etc.)
  5. Double click on the My Documents folder.
  6. Double click on the gpstracks folder.
  7. Highlight and select all the *.gps files in the folder.
  8. Open and log into your email account.
  9. Attach or Paste the copied .gps files into your email.