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GPS Navigation Evolved

2. What is the "QuickStart" option in the Data Download Wizard?

If you are downloading map data to a Storage Card or Storage Card Reader, you have the option to download a complete, ready-to-use "QuickStart" version of CoPilot Live along with the data. Having the QuickStart version on your Storage Card ensures that CoPilot Live will be available even if you experience technical problems with your Pocket PC and need to perform a hard reset. (During a hard reset, all installed applications are deleted from the Pocket PC.) Inserting a storage card with the QuickStart version will automatically install CoPilot, and your map data will already be there!

The QuickStart option can be turned on or off in the final step of the download process. By default this option is active and the QuickStart download will be executed each time you download map data. The QuickStart needs about 10 MB of space on your Storage Card. Once the QuickStart has been copied, you can save time the next time you download data by unchecking the Create QuickStart option in the final Data Download Wizard screen before proceeding to download. You will also want to uncheck this option if you do not have enough room on your Storage Card for it.

If the QuickStart is copied onto your Storage Card and you need to remove it, simply delete the folder that contains it. The folder will be named either "2577", "4000", or "10003" depending on which type of Pocket PC you are using.