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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

6. What do each of the three LED lights indicate and what are the proper charging techniques for the Bluetooth GPS receiver?

LED Lights

Blue LED Light indicates the Bluetooth connection status

Flashing every 1 second: GPS was just powered on and waiting for a connection
Flashing every 2 seconds: GPS is connected to Pocket PC

Green LED Light indicates GPS status
  Light Constantly on: GPS was just powered on and attempting to acquire a GPS position Light is Flashing: GPS has acquired a GPS position
Orange/Red LED Light indicates Battery status
  Red Light Constantly on: Battery is Low
Orange Light is Constantly on: Battery is charging
No Light (off): Battery is fully charged

Proper Charging Techniques

The BlueTooth GPS only needs to be charge for a maximum of 1 hour or until the Battery LED is off. Do not leave the BlueTooth GPS receiver connected to the charger at all times, as it will degrade the battery life and eventually drain the battery completely.