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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

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La navigation en toute s�curit� et simplicit�, partout o� vous irez! Pour plus d�informations, veuillez cocher ici. More Info


CoPilot Mio168, Pocket PC with Satellite Navigation on board, available through your local Ford UK Dealer. More Info

CoPilot Live|Pocket PC

Advanced features-Points of Interest proximity alerts
CoPilot Live 6 can notify you about any of the millions of built-in points of interest, such as car parks, hotels or petrol stations. You can also import custom points of interest databases, for example the UK Speed Camera database, and CoPilot Live will warn as you approach each one!

CoPilot Live 6 Pocket PC Features


  • Plan multiple stop trips and work out the best way around them automatically.
    Just key in the stops in any order and CoPilot Live will work out the best route around them, while keeping the end destination fixed. Perfect for multistop drivers and business users!
  • London congestion zone handling.
    Alerts you if your route passes through the London Congestion Charge Zone and offers the chance to avoid the zone if possible
  • Detour function
    If you hit congestion, the detour function will search for an available way around the hold-up and bring you back to the original route further along.
  • Adjust turn instructions
    You can change how close to a turn CoPilot Live provides a turn instruction
  • Desktop route planning software
    CoPilot Live includes desktop computer software that enables you to plan and print European Trips. If you have a European Maps licence you can also use this software to download maps for navigation or track vehicles using CoPilot Live tracking


CoPilot Live|Pocket PC