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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

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La navigation en toute s�curit� et simplicit�, partout o� vous irez! Pour plus d�informations, veuillez cocher ici. More Info


CoPilot Mio168, Pocket PC with Satellite Navigation on board, available through your local Ford UK Dealer. More Info

CoPilot Live|Smartphone
CoPilot Live|Smartphone CoPilot Live|Smartphone

Satellite navigation for mobile phones
CoPilot Live 6 Smartphone turns your Windows Mobile-based phone into a powerful satellite navigation system, complete with turn-by-turn voice guidance, full UK postcode search input and incredibly detailed street maps.

My phone is an expert guide
Wherever you are, wherever you need to get to, just reach for your phone, key-in a house number, street, full UK post code or one of thousands of points of interest, and CoPilot Live will guide you there, providing turn-by-turn directions right to the door.

Live tracking as standard
Unlike other systems, CoPilot Live provides real-time tracking, which enables others to see where you are on the Internet as you drive around. Its even possible to send new messages and destinations to the driver in real-time!

New in CoPilot Live 6 Smartphone
CoPilot Live|Smartphone
  • Updated, premium street maps from NAVTEQ with enhanced Western Europe coverage and new Eastern Europe coverage.

  • 7 digit UK Post Code search, and thousand of new and updated points of interest

  • Support for Windows Mobile 5

  • New adjustable trip calculation and user profiles to avoid or favour specific road types.

  • Enhanced 3D map display with distance-to-turn indicators, scrolling map, and turn arrow that highlights the way ahead.

  • Improved, simpler menus and user interface
  • Change the language and voice on-screen
  • Easier Points of Interest importing and support for widely available 3rd party OV2 formats.
  • Real-time traffic-ready. CoPilot Live 6 supports both TMC and GPRS Traffic information. Traffic availability and cost varies according to region and retailer.
  • Clearer directions through enhanced turn and Motorway exit instructions
  • Enhanced Live Tracking and Internet messaging service with simplified set-up. Multi-vehicle tracking and fleet reporting available as an upgrade.
  • Automatic Bluetooth GPS set-up as standard avoids the need for complex configuration.