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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

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Been somewhere interesting with CoPilot? Upload pictures & stories of you or your friends using CoPilot.
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La navigation en toute s�curit� et simplicit�, partout o� vous irez! Pour plus d�informations, veuillez cocher ici. More Info


CoPilot Mio168, Pocket PC with Satellite Navigation on board, available through your local Ford UK Dealer. More Info

CoPilot Live|Smartphone

Easy to install with Plug and Drive
CoPilot Live 6 is easier to install than ever before!

1. Insert your CoPilot Live 6 Smartphone Quickstart card into your phone and switch-on. CoPilot Live will install automatically.

2. Enter your license key and use the automatic Bluetooth configuration to connect to the GPS receiver.

3. That�s it. Now you are ready to hit the road!

CoPilot Live 6 Smartphone Features



CoPilot Live|Smartphone