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GPS Navigation Evolved

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Map Coverage
CoPilot Live 6 incorporates the latest street maps of Europe and millions of Points of Interest from NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium-quality digital map data. NAVTEQ maps are used by the majority of in-dash systems, and have a reputation of being the most accurate available.

Hundreds of NAVTEQ field researchers literally drive the roads of the Europe to collect and verify data for the road network. The POI information endures an equally rigorous analysis and validation. Find out more about NAVTEQ at

CoPilot Live Single Region Quickstart cards include maps of a single region or of the whole of Europe preloaded

Map Coverage





 The Netherlands



100% street coverage.

Central Europe (Alps Ski Region)




 Northern Italy

100% street coverage.


100% street coverage.


100% street coverage.


85% street coverage.


Increased coverage throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland



Detailed and updated coverage of all the major towns and cities of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as considerably increased coverage for the Canary Islands and the Balearics.



100% coverage of England, Scotland and Wales. 7 Digit UK Post codes. Increased coverage of major towns and cities in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Eastern Europe

Updated coverage of Czech Republic with detailed coverage of Prague and surrounding areas.

Principal motorways and certain major city coverage of the following countries: Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic and Romania

NOTE: The above coverage is only supported on CoPilot Live 6 and Symbian software.