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About ALK Technologies

ALK Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey with over 26 years of Transportation Technology leadership. Since its founding in 1979, ALK has recognized the power of information technology and its direct link to competitive advantage and improved quality of life.

ALK helps companies, mobile professionals and families alike successfully adopt transportation and travel technology. Consumers, Logistics Companies, Business professionals and Government agencies have turned to ALK for services and products that range from consulting and customized information systems to packaged software solutions.

ALK Technologies in Europe

ALK's European Division, Technologies Ltd is at the forefront of the explosive growth in demand for mobile satellite navigation industry in Europe, through its award-winning CoPilot® GPS Navigation product family.

CoPilot® Live GPS Navigation solutions transform phones and Pocket PC PDAs into powerful satellite navigation systems with the additional benefit of integrated real-time location-tracking and messaging via the Mobile Network.

CoPilot® Live is becoming the navigation software of choice for mobile operators, handset manufacturers, and mobile OEMs, with commercial licensing agreements including Motorola, T-Mobile, Acer and Scania.

The company has enjoys strategic partnerships with partners across Europe, including Microsoft, BMW Group, Ford, SEAT, Mio Technology NAVTEQ and TBS.

ALK Technologies Ltd is a member of the UK Mobile Data Association and received the 2005 Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Mobility Solutions Sales and Marketing. ALK became the official navigation sponsor to the Gumball Rally in May 2005.