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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

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CoPilot Mio168, Pocket PC with Satellite Navigation on board, available through your local Ford UK Dealer. More Info

Fully integrated satellite navigation, vehicle tracking and fleet management

Now you can equip your mobile team with connected mobile devices and CoPilot® Live navigation to track their locations in real-time, send new destinations, forward customers tracking links and view movement reports simply and cost-effectively via the Internet.

Based on an intuitive web interface, FleetCenter? integrates with the CoPilot Live family of GPS navigation products to provide real-time location information and data about the entire fleet.

Vehicle location and trip data and other information is reported to FleetCenter via a mobile Internet connection (GPRS or 3G), providing visibility of the locations of mobile assets in real-time.

Find out how DriveAssist uses CoPilot Live to improve fleet efficiency.

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FleetCenter: Standard features

FleetCenter: Standard features
(requires CoPilot Live or CoPilot Live Professional to be installed on a connected mobile device and a monthly/annual subscription to FleetCenter)

CoPilot® Live customers can connect seamlessly to FleetCenter for multi-vehicle tracking, messaging and job despatch via an easy to use web interface. Its the ideal cost-effective, out of the box fleet management solution for small businesses that�s also flexible and scalable for Enterprise integration and customisation.

FleetCenter is an easy to deploy web-based solution available for a monthly or annual subscription. Customers simply need to equip their mobile team with connected mobile devices and CoPilot Live GPS navigation. There�s no need to install any additional software or hardware.

  • Real-time multi-vehicle location tracking FleetCenter provides a real-time view of the entire fleet, showing the most recent position, next destination, current speed and estimated time of arrival (ETA) of each vehicle or operator. Fleet Managers can monitor particular groups of vehicles and filter by group, status or ETA.
  • 2-way messaging with a driver or the entire Fleet FleetCenter makes it easy to communicate digitally with mobile workers and assign new tasks through integrated instant messages, which are displayed safely and clearly in CoPilot on the mobile device�s screen. Dispatchers can define up to 4 multiple choice response buttons that allow drivers to safely respond to messages, i.e. �Can you pick up a load? YES/NO�. The response is displayed automatically a few seconds later online in FleetCenter. It�s the ideal tool for monitoring task compliance, assigning new work and communicating with the field.
  • Over-the-air job despatch and remote itinerary updates FleetCenter makes it possible to manage a driver�s itinerary remotely, allowing businesses to quickly deploy and re-deploy mobile assets, eliminating manual address-entry and avoiding long discussions or the potential for misunderstanding. Individual destinations can be added to the beginning or end of a driver�s existing itinerary. Multiple new stops can be sent to replace an entire trip.

    Simply select the vehicle in FleetCenter, key-in the required destination, press �Send�, and a message will appear seconds later in CoPilot on the driver�s mobile device screen. By tapping �Accept� on-screen the driver adds the new destination directly into CoPilot, which will guide them to the door with turn instructions displayed and spoken. A message confirming that the new stop has been accepted will be automatically displayed online in FleetCenter.
  • Send web-tracking invitations to customers (optional) Businesses can use FleetCenter to improve customer service and shorten delivery time windows by allowing customers or 3rd parties to view vehicles in real-time. Simply key-in the recipient�s name and e-mail address and press �Send�. The customer will receive a web link by e-mail that they just need to click on to view the current location and ETA. E-mail tracking invitations can be perpetual or set to expire after a certain period of time.
  • Find the nearest vehicle (optional) Instead of spending minutes or even hours on the phone trying to identify and locate the next available driver in a specific region for a new task or job, FleetCenter can identify the vehicle(s) closest to an address, postcode, customer location, or even another fleet vehicle in seconds, making it simple to improve job allocation and asset deployment.

Advanced Features