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GPS Navigation Evolved
GPS Navigation Evolved

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La navigation en toute s�curit� et simplicit�, partout o� vous irez! Pour plus d�informations, veuillez cocher ici. More Info


CoPilot Mio168, Pocket PC with Satellite Navigation on board, available through your local Ford UK Dealer. More Info

CoPilot Live|Symbian

Routing Options and additional modes

Designed for the way you drive, you can either use the default guidance settings within CoPilot Live 6, or you can adjust your CoPilot to suit your preferences.

Use your phone with CoPilot live in walking mode to find the way on foot, or work-out trips before you set off using planning mode.

CoPilot Live 6 Symbian S60 Features


  • Calculates complicated routes in seconds CoPilot Live calculates in routes in seconds that take competing systems minutes to work out.
  • Intelligent re-routing if you miss a turn. If you do miss a turn, CoPilot Live will immediately work out the best new route rather than simply trying to get you back to the original route
  • Your exact location displayed on a detailed road map. One glance at your phone and you'll always know where you are and where you are heading.
  • Digital street maps from NAVTEQ, widely considered to be the most accurate available, and containing millions of street addresses, postcodes and points of interest
  • Designed with your safety as the priority. The default 'driver safety mode' only shows a map when you approach a turn, with auto-zoom to show the way at a glance
  • Millions of Points of Interest such as petrol stations, car parks, cinemas and hospitals
  • Easy address entry with a variety of ways to input destinations


CoPilot Live|Symbian