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David Quin,
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Press Release: December 8, 2005

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Emma Cohen, Hotwire PR

David Quin, Marketing Manager at ALK Technologies Ltd

TBS partner with ALK to provide a new dimension to field mobility

Derby, 8th December 2004 ?TBS have exclusively partnered with ALK Technologies to deliver one of the first sophisticated field mobility solutions with integrated GPS navigation and monitoring capability.

The integration of TBS TaskMaster and ALK�s CoPilot Live unlocks the potential of the latest Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphones, to enable businesses to better manage relationships, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Every year there is a huge cost to businesses when their field-based workers struggle to find customer locations. The resulting delays or even missed appointments can have a knock-on effect not only for that person�s daily schedule, but also in terms of increased fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear and more importantly a poor customer experience.

By integrating CoPilot Live into TaskMaster, TBS is able to offer businesses the ability to proactively manage mobile workers out in the field in real time while equipping them with optimised voice-guided in-vehicle navigation that enables them to reach appointments swiftly and safely.

The system takes full advantage of CoPilot�s intelligent multi-stop route calculation engine, accurate maps and continuously updated ETAs to provide both the driver and business with the information needed to make informed on-road decisions.

Real time positional information can be used to location-tag assets and allocate new jobs as appropriate in order to maximise staff effectiveness. If a field worker suddenly has some spare time between appointments, they can immediately be assigned a new job that may have been raised that day.

TaskMaster also enables businesses to provide their customers with automatic Text message status updates about the work being carried out. It�s a cost-effective way of maintaining all important touch points with customers, ensuring that they are kept fully informed of developments throughout the job lifecycle.

�The partnership of TBS and ALK provides revolutionary product functionality with results. Real time updates and appointment alerts can now be sent out to our customer�s customers providing them with drastically improved service levels� says Steve Reynolds, Managing Director of TBS.

Commenting on the newly formed partnership, Dan Popkin, Sales Director at ALK says

�We are delighted to be working with TBS to help companies realise greater efficiency through cutting-edge wireless technology.�

�The combination of TaskMaster and CoPilot Live is great news for businesses, providing location-critical information that enables them to not only to manage mobile assets and empower their employees but also to provide the real time updates to end customers that is increasingly taken for granted in the digital era�

�This field mobility solution with integrated GPS navigation demonstrates the ability of the Windows Mobile platform to enable applications and services that add value and convenience to the daily activities of the mobile professional,� said Julie Wymetalek, manager of the Mobility Partner Advisory Council at Microsoft Corp. �With the union of TBS TaskMaster and ALK CoPilot Live, businesses will have the ability to proactively manage their mobile workers in real time, via optimised voice-guided in-vehicle navigation and automatic Text message status update--features that make it a great productivity application for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs.�

About TBS
TBS is a world leading supplier of integrated mobility solutions that enable organisations to communicate information wirelessly to their field workers. By eradicating paperwork administration and increasing the effectiveness of the field operations, TBS�s clients have experienced substantial efficiency gains and return on investment. TBS has over 10 years best practice experience implementing solutions in the field service/sales, utilities, health and safety and transportation industries

About ALK Technologies Ltd
ALK Technologies is a leading developer of high-quality navigation and mapping solutions for private, commercial and corporate customers worldwide. With a 25 year heritage, ALK customers are confident of dependable route planning, guidance and satellite navigation technology. The company�s award-winning CoPilot Live navigation solutions transform mobile computers into intelligent navigation systems, and are available for Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Tablet PCs/Laptops. ALK�s commercial routing, mileage and mapping solutions are used by more than 20,000 shipping and logistics companies including the US Department of Defence, who have adopted ALK�s PC*MILER as their worldwide distance standard. Both TBS and ALK are members of the Microsoft Mobility Partner Advisory Council (MPAC), a unique partner programme developed by Microsoft Corp. to serve as a focussed feedback mechanism for Microsoft Windows Mobile platform development, and provide leading companies with the tools and resources they need to bring the most innovative and successful mobility solutions to market.

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