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Press Release: October 21, 2005

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ALK Technologies announces CoPilot® Live 6 Mobile Satellite Navigation
Incredibly powerful yet easy to use satellite navigation for phones and PDAs includes the latest street maps, advanced customisable routing, route-specific real-time information, and support for the latest Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 devices

Friday 21st October 2005, London, United Kingdom and Princeton, New Jersey, USA? ALK Technologies today announced the Worldwide availability of CoPilot® Live 6, the latest generation of their award-winning CoPilot® navigation software for mobile phones and PDAs.

Unlike dedicated sat nav products or built-in systems, CoPilot® flexibly provides satellite navigation on a wide range of phones or PDAs, including support for Microsoft ® Windows Mobile ® 5.0 and the latest devices like the T-Mobile MDA Pro.

A phone or PDA equipped with CoPilot® Live 6 provides drivers with powerful, yet portable satellite navigation, complete with turn-by-turn voice guidance, comprehensive address entry choice, full UK Post Code search, and detailed street maps. Industry-leading route calculation speeds enable even complex trips to be worked out in seconds.

CoPilot® Live 6 makes satellite navigation easy and accessible. Detailed street maps are stored on a pre-loaded �quickstart� storage card. Simply insert into the phone or PDA and CoPilot will automatically install. Updated, clearly labelled menus are incredibly easy to use, and Pocket PC customers will love the finger touch interface. Just enter-in the destination and start driving. CoPilot® Live calculates directions for the complete trip in seconds and provides guidance to the door. If a turn is missed the best new route is worked�out immediately.

Packed with advanced features, CoPilot® Live 6 is now customisable to avoid or favour certain road types, set average road speeds, or to create driving profiles for use at different times of day such as rush hour, or when driving different vehicles.

CoPilot® Live 6 contains the latest street maps from NAVTEQ, with updated coverage of Western Europe, thousands of new and updated Points of Interest and new coverage of Eastern Europe. Maps of USA and Australia are also available. Complete maps of Europe can now be purchased on a single 1GB storage card, so you can have the whole of Europe on your phone or PDA. CoPilot® Live�s unique borderless door-to-door trip calculation and turn instructions in your own language make driving across the continent as simple as driving around your home town.

Customers will be able to receive live traffic notifications about route-specific incidents, enabling customers to avoid or ignore congestion ahead either automatically or manually. Live traffic alerts will initially be offered in the UK through T-Mobile using its GPRS network, and in Continental Europe over GPRS and TMC.

CoPilot® Live 6 incorporates ALK�s unique live tracking functionality, which can display driver locations in real-time on a secure web site. This free of charge service is ideal for individuals wanting friends or colleagues to monitor their progress when out on the road, or for businesses that want to take advantage real-time location information to better communicate with and manage mobile workers. Customers can upgrade to multi-vehicle tracking and reporting services.

�CoPilot® Live 6 sets a new standard for mobile navigation and for the safe delivery of relevant, real-time information to drivers� said Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director of ALK Technologies Ltd, �CoPilot® Live is now more powerful, easier to use, and supports a wider range of mobile phones and PDAs, making satellite navigation more accessible and affordable than ever.�

Phil Chapman, Marketing Director at T-Mobile UK said �All of us know what a pain it is to get lost, run low on petrol, get into a traffic jam or just plain don�t know where we are. CoPilot® sat nav has been a natural add-on for many of T-Mobile�s customers signing up for our new web 'n' walk proposition.�

Jason Langridge, UK Mobility Business Manager, Microsoft. commented �GPS is taking off and we are seeing a greater demand for GPS solutions in Windows Mobile Devices. CoPilot Live takes full advantage of the Windows Mobile software platform allowing users the benefit of having one device that is not only their phone, but can also provide satellite navigation through a familiar user experience.�

CoPilot® Live 6 will be available across Europe through authorised dealers and retailers, and will be supplied as an accessory and in bundles with the latest Windows Mobile devices from T-Mobile UK. Certain packages will be subsidised when purchased with a T-Mobile contract, making satellite navigation incredibly portable and affordable. More information is available at

CoPilot Live 6 highlights:

  • Updated, premium street maps from NAVTEQ with enhanced Western Europe coverage and thousands of new and updated Points of Interest. Now also includes limited coverage of Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia
  • 7 digit UK Post Code search
  • New adjustable trip calculation and user profiles to avoid or favour specific road types
  • Simple, intuitive user interface. All Pocket PC functions and options can be accessed via finger-touch menus
  • Enhanced 3D map display with distance-to-turn indicators, scrolling map, and turn arrow that highlights the way ahead.
  • Support for multiple voices and �hot-swappable� voices. Additional voices will be made available as a download.
  • Easier Points of Interest Importing and support for widely available 3rd party formats.
  • Real-time traffic-ready. CoPilot Live 6 supports both TMC and GPRS Traffic information. Traffic availability and cost varies according to region and retailer.
  • Clearer directions through enhanced turn and Motorway exit instructions
  • Support for Windows Mobile 5, VGA screens, Landscape mode and square screens.
  • 1GB Plug and Drive map upgrade cards pre-loaded with complete, seamless European or USA maps available
  • Enhanced Live Tracking and Internet messaging service with simplified set-up. Multi-vehicle tracking and fleet reporting available as an upgrade.
  • Automatic Bluetooth GPS set-up avoids the need for complex configuration.
  • Discounts for existing customer map upgrades and version upgrades

About ALK Technologies Ltd

ALK Technologies Ltd is at the forefront of the explosive growth in demand for mobile satellite navigation. The European division of ALK Technologies, Inc. based in Princeton New Jersey, the Company benefits from over 26 years of transportation technology leadership and development expertise.

CoPilot® Live GPS Navigation solutions transform phones and Pocket PC PDAs into powerful satellite navigation systems with the additional benefit of integrated real-time location-tracking, messaging, and information services. CoPilot® Live is rapidly becoming the satellite navigation software of choice for Mobile Operators, OEM�s, and Handset manufacturers, with license agreements that include Motorola, T-Mobile, Gizmondo and Scania. The company enjoys strategic alliances with partners across Europe, including Microsoft, BMW Group, Ford, SEAT, Scania, Mio Technology, NAVTEQ and TBS.

ALK Technologies Ltd is a member of the UK Mobile Data Association and received the 2005 Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Mobility Solutions Sales and Marketing. ALK became the official navigation sponsor to the Gumball Rally in May 2005.

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