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Press Release: February 15, 2006

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CoPilot® Live Satellite Navigation for Symbian Phones
Full-featured satellite navigation for Symbian Series 60 phones

  • Turn-by-turn voice guidance and detailed colourful street maps on your phone
  • Includes real-time tracking and traffic alerts
  • Premium safety camera warning subscription with automatic location updates

3GSM World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, Wednesday 15th February ?CoPilot® Live, the award winning navigation system for mobiles, is now available for Symbian Series 60 phones, making satellite navigation accessible to the mass market.

Initially available for the Nokia N70, CoPilot® Live 6 transforms a Symbian Series 60 phone into a sophisticated, yet easy to use satellite navigation system complete with powerful door-to-door route calculation, turn-by-turn voice instructions and detailed street maps.

As with all CoPilot® Live satellite navigation products, the system is designed to avoid distracting the driver, providing driving directions simply and clearly on the phone with an auto-zoom map only displayed near a turn. Entering a destination is made easy, with a step-by-step choice that includes house number, street, town, point of interest or even a full UK post code.

Once you are ready to hit the road, just select 'start driving', and even the most complicated route will be calculated in seconds. If you do miss a turn, CoPilot will work out the best new route immediately. Its an easy to use system, with up to date street maps from NAVTEQ pre-loaded on a storage card for simple 'Plug and Drive' installation. Automatic Bluetooth GPS configuration makes CoPilot® Live accessible to non-technical users.

CoPilot® Live is packed with advanced features, for example there's a choice of map views that include a 3D bird's eye view of the way ahead, planning mode that enables drivers to calculate trips in advance, and a walking mode for finding the way on foot using your mobile phone. If you hit an unexpected hold-up you can find a way around the side streets using the instant divert feature.

Customers will have access to CoPilot's location-specific live services using the phone's mobile Internet connection. These services include real-time location-tracking and remote itinerary updates as standard. Live traffic information and over-the-air downloads of quality safety camera locations are available as a subscription. Additional premium content, such as custom Points of Interest (POI) databases, will be offered to CoPilot customers during 2006 using CoPilot's integrated Live Communications.

Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director at ALK Technologies Ltd said "The arrival of CoPilot Live's powerful navigation, connected services and accurate maps for the latest Symbian phones makes quality navigation more convenient and portable than ever."

"CoPilot® Live offers Mobile Operators the opportunity to take advantage of the surging demand for mobile navigation, delivering incremental data revenues though live services, while providing customers with a truly useful mobile service that they will use daily."

Putting CoPilot Live advanced navigation with NAVTEQ precision map data and rigorously tested POI database together on a popular range of mobile phones is a powerful combination," commented Serge Bussat, VP & General Manager Consumer Applications, Europe. "It represents a significant step forward in the fast developing mass market for practical, cost effective navigation."

CoPilot® Live 6 Symbian will initially be available with the Nokia N70 through T-Mobile UK. The complete package is available from free when purchased with a monthly airtime contract.

Key facts about CoPilot Live Symbian:

  • CoPilot® Live 6 Symbian is fully-featured, sophisticated satellite navigation for Symbian Series 60-based mobile phones, initially available with the Nokia N70 through T-Mobile UK
  • Provides turn-by-turn guidance on-screen and spoken using the phone's colour screen and loud speaker
  • Powerful route calculation works out complex trips in seconds on the phone.
  • Automatic route recalculation if a turn is missed
  • Multiple ways to input a destination including house number, street, Point of Interest or full UK postcode
  • Easy set-up with preloaded Plug and Drive� map cards and automatic Bluetooth GPS configuration
  • Detailed street maps from NAVTEQ stored on the phone, including millions of updated Points of Interest
  • Seamless routing across country borders with optional Pan-Europe, USA or Australia maps
  • Planning and Walking modes. Multiple stop trip planning for complex itineraries
  • Choice of map views include 2D, 3D, itinerary, 'Where am I'
  • Live Tracking, messaging and remote destination updates as standard via the mobile Internet
  • Real-time traffic information and premium safety camera database downloads available using the phone's mobile Internet connection (requires subscription)

About ALK Technologies, Inc.
ALK Technologies is at the forefront of mobile navigation technology. The Company benefits from over 26 years expertise developing solutions for corporate and consumer customers globally.

ALK's CoPilot® Live mobile GPS navigation solutions are available in Europe, North America and Australia as retail-branded products and as the basis for leading OEM navigation systems, while the Company's PC*Miler routing, mapping and fleet-management solutions are used by over 20,000 shipping companies Worldwide. Partners include Motorola, T-Mobile, Scania, NAVTEQ�, Ford, BMW, TBS and the US Department of Defense

ALK received the 2005 Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Mobility Solutions Sales and Marketing, and is the official navigation sponsor to the Gumball Rally

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