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PC PRIMER - CoPilot Live | Laptop 7 Review
By R.L. Creighton
Copyright 2004

How many times have you been told ?where to go?, and had no idea how to get there? Personally speaking, the answer is often, and ?I? now know how to get there.

I have just received the new release of ?CoPilot Live Laptop 7? The map/routing software that you can load on your laptop and know where you are, and how to get where you want to go. I have been using GPS Mapping software for six years now, and I can to say without reservation, ?This is the Best software of its type that I have ever seen or used on a computer.? Bar-none! This software is incredible.

Install of the program is a matter of following simple instructions, then watching the GPS capable program bring up your location ( if you have a GPS receiver attached? There is a receiver In the box with the software). When installed and the satellites have you positioned, you will see where you are on the map.

You have several options as you are driving. If you have a passenger controlling the computer, you will always see the icon representing your vehicle, moving along the map. (The movement of the icon is dependent on the vehicle moving). Your position will be very very accurate. When you use driver mode there is less visible information, to prevent distracted driving. The driver view shows three lines of information in the middle of the screen, and the content of the individual lines is customizable. I have the top line telling me the date and time, the middle line showing the intersections that are next are just ahead, and the third line shows my digital speed in miles and tenths. The bottom of the screen has another section that shows the distance to my destination, and the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). This section changes depending on you?re exceeding or failing to maintain the designated speed limits.

Now go to the screen that asks for a destination. Enter an address. Hit the enter key and stand by for an impressive show of capabilities... Did I mention that the program will talk to you? Not only that, but it will listen as well. It will follow your voice commands and tell you what turns to make and when to make them. Another super capability is route recalculation. If you fail to take a designated turn the computer will adjust the route to get you back on your route. In short you can?t possible get lost unless you leave this behind when you get on the road. I will be discussing this outstanding product for weeks to come. If you can?t wait, go to . (Alk Technologies, Inc is the manufacturer).

This is one superior product! I find it indispensable when I?m on the road. If you drive, You really need this one. Buy it, I am sure that you will not regret it.