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CoPilot Product Line Case Study

Al Miriam

As a lawyer in Southern California, there have been times over the past several years where I have been late to court appearances either because of traffic or getting lost on the way. Fortunately, I got Pocket CoPilot before it cost me; A fine or a case.

About 2 months ago, an opponent of mine on a civil case failed to show up for a case management conference. His explanation was that being from Los Angeles, he did not know his way around San Bernardino, and got lost. He was fined $50.

About a month ago, I was scheduled for arbitration on a civil matter in Redlands. With my trusty CoPilot I had no problems getting to the arbitrator's office on time. My opponent, however, was traveling from San Diego. As we sat in the arbitrator's office waiting, my opponent called on his mobile phone to say that he was running a little late. A half hour later he called to say that he was lost and couldn't find the office. I left having submitted my evidence with a favorable outcome.

CoPilot has also been useful for personal travel. Just last week I was demonstrating CoPilot to a friend. I put in the address of our favorite restaurant and got on the 215 freeway. Heading south, CoPilot indicated that I should exit on a street that I had rarely driven. I was certain this was wrong. I had been to this restaurant about a 100 times in seven years, and I had always taken the 215 to the 10. I decided this time to follow CoPilot's instructions (confident it was wrong). I found my destination within minutes, shaving at least five miles off my route.

This is my overall evaluation: CoPilot is extremely simple to use. My 9 year old daughter can use it proficiently!!! The more you use it, the more capabilities you will recognize, and the more useful it will become.

I now drive anywhere without stressing myself. I know if there is a traffic jam, I get off at any street and CoPilot will find another way to my destination. I no longer need to ask for directions, just the address. It is an extraordinary little device. I don't have to leave 1 or 2 hours early to go to a deposition site or a court because I am unfamiliar with the location.

If you saved 1 billable hour per week using CoPilot you could buy 2 CoPilot's per month. I can honestly say I have saved a minimum of 6-8 billable hours a month thanks to CoPilot. Not bad!