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CoPilot Product Line Case Study

Tzvi Follman
Life Insurance

Not long ago, Tzvi Follman worked long hours every day. Then he discovered CoPilot, the GPS route navigation system from TravRoute. "CoPilot is the greatest thing on Earth," he says. "It has made life much easier."

That's strong praise from a road warrior like Tzvi. Every weekday he conducts 10-15 life insurance physicals in applicant homes in the Spring Valley, New York area. "I used to be on the phone for two hours every night setting up appointments for the following day," he says. "A lot of that time was spent getting driving directions to people's homes. But guess what? Even if I carefully wrote down everything they said and went over the instructions again at the end of the conversation, I still got lost almost every time because the directions were usually terrible. Having faulty directions added unnecessary travel time and plenty of frustration and stress to my workday."

"Then I purchased CoPilot and installed it on my laptop," he explains. "I just type in an applicant's address and CoPilot immediately determines the best route then verbally guides me there every step of the way. It will even give me landmarks to watch for which is very helpful."

Tzvi now spends only an hour on the phone each night setting up appointments. "I don't ask for directions," he smiles. "If people try to give me instructions, I tell them I don't need them. That's pretty surprising to some of my clients."

CoPilot also helps if Tzvi mistakenly takes the wrong exit or gets into heavy traffic along the way. "CoPilot will plot a new route for me automatically. All I do is get off the road anywhere and keep driving to my destination. It's wonderful!"

Because he can drive straight to any of the 100 million U.S. addresses on CoPilot's single data CD, Tzvi has also cut time on the road. "CoPilot takes me right to the front door of my next appointment. Now that I'm not searching for client homes, I save about an hour of travel time every day. My wages are based on the number of examinations I complete, and with CoPilot to help me plan and travel to appointments, I now get done in nine hours what used to take me eleven hours."

Tzvi has been conducting business in the same part of New York State for quite awhile, and his reputation for arriving on time without directions is growing. "I recently conducted an examination that ran longer than expected. When I called the next client to say I was running a few minutes late, the man remarked that he knew I'd be there soon because of my computer system. I had examined him once before and what he remembered about me was my CoPilot!"

What does Tzvi do with his time now that CoPilot has given him an extra ten hours a week? "I'm starting my own company," he reports. "I thought I was buying CoPilot to travel to appointments more easily. What I didn't realize is that CoPilot is the best investment I ever made in my own future."